Mountains Are Great, But Not On Your Plate

Every day, buffet restaurants have to throw away tonnes of food which is left in passengers plates. As part of its responsible approach, DFDS, one of Europe’s largest ferry operators, regularly measures food waste on board. The data shows that across all DFDS ships in the Baltic Sea, the average food waste in 2021 was 13%. While this is in line with green standards, DFDS has set itself the goal of continuously improving sustainability by finding innovative ways to reduce food waste on DFDS ferries, while also educating its customers.

The idea behind the campaign is to encourage ferry passengers to think about whether they will actually eat the mountains they put on their plates in buffet restaurants. Artist Jolita Vaitkutė was invited to bring the idea to life by literally designing food mountains on a plate.

The photographs of Vaitkutė’s work are exhibited on the ferries from Klaipėda to Kiel (Germany), Karlshamn (Sweden), and on the ships between Paldiski (Estonia) and Kapelskar.

DFDS, 2022