Coca-Cola Lime launch in Lithuania

The new Coca-Cola Lime had finally hit Lithuania‘s store shelves. Refreshing alternative offering a unique combination of the traditional Coca-Cola flavor and juicy lime entered the market in May 2017. It was the biggest launch in the Baltic market last decade since the introduction of Coca-Cola Zero in 2008.   

Coca-Cola invited Lithuanians to #būkLAIMingas (be happy) and dare to stand out of the crowd. We helped introduce the campaign ambassadors, Monika Pundziūtė-Monique and Orijus Gasanovas, and launched an extensive integrated communication campaign covering the media, digital advertising, PR, BTL and influencer marketing. 

The results exceeded all expectations: the product won the Best new launch 2017 in Lithuania (and all Baltic countries) according to Nielsen (evaluating retail measurement and consumer questionnaire). 

The Coca-Cola company​, 2017