Culture Night Vilnius 2019

Culture Night is a nocturnal festival in Vilnius organized by Vilnius City Municipality since 2007 as a gift to the capital, its residents and guests.  

The new creative campaign was aimed at encouraging older, more conservative people to take their interest in art on the streets of Vilnius, but at the same time not to undermine the modernity of the festival.  

In 2019, for the 13th festival, in order to engage audience into embracing culture it was decided to use completely free ‘influencers’ who have long earned trust within the desired target audience – figures from famous classical art works rushed everyone to participate in this year’s Culture Night. Event posters contained fun and poetic phrases entwined with CTAs put under the main slogan of the festival ‘Everyone Needs Culture’. The revived paintings appealed to the public from outdoor billboards, pages of the magazines, social media and banners, as well as in video format.

Kultūros naktis, 2019