Don‘t Be A Couch Potato – 2019 EP election campaign

According to Eurobarometer data, Lithuanians are among leaders in EU to regards of knowledge about EP and European Union (EU). However, voters are less likely to engage in elections and vote. The main problem is low participation rate among youth, opinion leaders, professionals. The objectives set for this campaign were: 1) attractive and engaging communication of EP activities, reasons to vote, benefits of EU membership using social media platforms; 2) increasing perception that EU is not a given and our involvement determines our and EU future; 3) drawing audience’s attention to the importance of participation in elections and encouraging to vote. 

To grab TA attention, we took the term ‘Couch potato’ as central creative idea as it raises the charms from the mode of life environment to the political field. The main message was – “stop being couch potato” (LT: “Pakelk savo bulvę nuo sofos”). Campaign symbol: real sofa with a huge potato on it. 

The total audience reach across channels was estimated to be over 2.5 million. The campaign gained recognition in international awards: the best communication campaign of the year in the Baltic States (SABRE Awards 2020), 1st place in Governmental Agencies category (European Excellence Awards 2019), New York Festivals Advertising Awards finalist. 

Europos Parlamento informacijos biuras, 2019