Freedom to Rock’n’Roll

In April 2017, Lithuanian politics announced an intent to ban alcohol sales in mass events (music festivals, art exhibitions, concerts incl.). Music and culture promoters, sports and music celebrities joined #FreedomToRockNRoll initiative to stop illogical bans. In response to the proposed amendments, festival organizers, sports and music representatives, bar owners have united to say loudly that the proposed draft amendments to the Alcohol Control Law are chaotic, not taking into consideration the future losses to the country’s economy, culture and sports, labor market and international image. 

Peaceful protest-live music concert took place next the Parliament building featuring most popular musicians and speeches by most influential public persons as also politics. Active communication in social media helped to boost awareness about new legislation and to manage discussions including most powerful/popular influencers into the topic. 

The campaign gained recognition in international awards: the best communication campaign of the year in the Baltic States (SABRE Awards 2018). 

Lietuvos festivalių aljansas, 2017