iDeal Non-Clients

The only Apple Premium Service Provider in Lithuania, iDeal is more often associated with consumer services than business. When representatives came to buy a device for business, they were often surprised to find a separate department in the store and people dedicated to business services. Existing business customers were also not taking advantage of all the additional benefits available to them, such as replacement devices, training or Slack support.

iDeal Lietuva offers one of the best value-added benefits packages for business customers, but many of them were not aware of the value that was created for them. By using negatives and pointing out what companies that choose to be iDeal non-clients are missing out on, we have been able to stand out in the traditional B2B sector and achieve incredible results:

  • 10% YoY growth in business-to-business sales
  • 6% YoY growth in business customers
  • 4 largest customers chose to receive support via Slack
iDeal, 2021