Introduction of deposit system in Lithuania ‘It is worth returning‘

200M cans and bottles a year. This is the amount of unrecycled packages dumped into dumping sites or, even worse, lakes, forests and rivers in Lithuania.  

To fight this environmental problem, the deposit system for one-way packaging was introduced. However, its success depended on people using the system. To introduce the system in a positive way a border collie Easy was selected as a symbol for the campaign. Moreover, the slogan of the campaign ‘Grąžinti verta’ encompassed both monetary incentive and environmental benefits. Main communication activities included TV adverts, media relations, social media, digital advertising and the campaign in summer festivals.  

The results were staggering. The initial goal of 55 percent of returned packages was exceeded quickly, and now it is estimated that 75 percent of sold cans and bottles will be returned and recycled in 2016. Moreover, opinion surveys show that the society not only use the system, but also like it. 

Užstato sistemos administratorius, 2016-2017