#PatirtitiES training series

#PatirtitiES training series helps turn challenges into valuable experiences and new opportunities.

Knowledge is most valuable when it is continuously applied and enriches our skills. That’s why the European Parliament Liaison Office in Lithuania invites members of the esamekartu.eu community to training series every year, where participants are invited to broaden their horizons and gain knowledge that is immediately applicable in practice. How to become a great speaker? What about becoming a volunteer or a participant in an international programme? What to know when updating your wardrobe? And what do you need to consider when taking photos with your phone? These are just some of the questions that open the door to new experiences in a world full of unprecedented challenges.

Six professionals in their respective fields share their insights, tips and personal experiences with the participants. The training is free of charge and more than 400 people have already participated since the start of the project.

European Parliament Liaison Office in Lithuania, 2022