Our task was to create a name, logo and visual identity for the Lithuanian Art Foundation established in 2013. The Foundation has accumulated a collection of Lithuanian works of art that is especially important for the Lithuanian society. The distinctive feature of the collection is the focus only on works of art related to Lithuanian history, thematic diversity and scale. 

The Scottish word “Tartle” was proposed as a name, which articulates the doubts and stops when we realize that we do not remember the name of the person we saw. This creates an allusion to the collection of the foundation, which includes works by well-known Lithuanian authors, which have familiar features, but not necessarily seen anywhere else before. 

A logo with a classic design but an innovative concept, reflecting the meaning of the name, has been created – the letters “T” and “L” are one and the same inverted symbol. The elements of the logo were later developed into complementary graphics in the visual identity. The colors of identity, although in modern combinations, have a strong connection with Lithuanianness.

VšĮ „Lietuvos dailės fondas“, 2018