The Reputation Index

Every year, Fabula Rud Pedersen Group, together with Customer Centric Consultancy, Investors’ Forum and Lithuanian Marketing Association, conducts a survey of Lithuanian business reputation. The aim of the research is to study the attitude of Lithuanian business and society leaders towards the largest companies of the country, their activities and to evaluate the reputation of companies and how it has changed over the year. 

Logo has been created that directly illustrates the activities of the “Reputation Index” – reminiscent of a measuring arrow, and a maximally clean, calm visual identity that conveys the impression of transparency and neutral position. 

A statuette has also been created for the annual Reputation Index Awards, which honor the companies that have achieved the best results. The award was made of mirror material and, together with the slogan, conveyed the idea that “looking at good reputation is never boring”. 

Reputacijos indeksas