Together We’ll Ride Through This Storm!

Throughout the first wave COVID-19 pandemics and soon declared quarantines around Europe, DFDS passenger ferries in Lithuania were one of the few ways for Lithuanians to return home. The team (boat crew and service staff, the rest on shore) worked very hard so that compatriots living abroad could return home to their families – where it is safe, everything is familiar. In addition, DFDS carried important cargo to Lithuania so the local stores would have goods and some other businesses would continue operating. DFDS wanted to thank those who did what inevitably must had been done — floated necessary cargo, healed, and guarded us. 

Using the dictionary of maritime terms, we addressed 3 groups of people – employees, medical staff and the community of Klaipėda city, saying ‘thank you’ for everyone doing their job in these confusing times. Campaign slogan was “Together we’ll ride through this storm!”. 

The campaign was implemented in 2 weeks and involved digital, outdoor advertising and internal communication actions, more than 0.5 million people were reached in total. 

DFDS Seaways, 2019