Public speaking training  

Does public speaking seem scary? 

It is estimated that around three out of four people in the world experience discomfort, and often an extreme fear or even panic when it comes to speaking to groups of people. You may be putting off preparing for a presentation at a conference or to colleagues at work, not just because of a lack of time, but because of your fear of public speaking. When you finally stand in front of an audience, you feel tense, and after the presentation, you think that you could have done much better and had a much greater impact on your audience.

In today’s business world, it’s crucial to have the skill and ability to speak confidently and effectively to the public. Delivering inspiring speeches, reports, and presentations is a must-have skill for today’s businesses and organizations. Fortunately, there are effective ways to develop this skill and overcome the fear of public speaking, and one of the most effective ways are – collecting knowledge, preparation, and practice.

Our public speaking training and consultancy are designed to do just that. We will help you become a winning speaker.

Public speaking training for companies, organizations, and individuals 

For over a decade, Fabula’s communication experts have been helping companies and organizations craft compelling speeches and presentations that are clear, persuasive, and convincing.

After our public speaking training you will be able to:

  • Prepare and deliver impactful speeches or presentations to audiences of all sizes.
  • Captivate your audience from the opening to the closing remarks.
  • Understand the speaker’s body language and non-verbal communication and use it to enhance impact and speak with confidence.
  • You will understand the structure, content, and format of effective speeches and presentations.
  • Feel confident and inspired, not panicked, when you take the stage.

Speaker tribune
This training is suitable for individuals with varying levels of public speaking experience who are interested in enhancing their knowledge and skills in this area. The training covers the fundamentals of effective public speaking, including the structure, content, and preparation for speeches and presentations, nonverbal communication, and voice control. You will learn how to establish a connection with the audience, how to involve them in your speech, how to overcome the anxiety associated with public speaking, and other essential aspects of contemporary rhetoric.

The seminar combines the speaker’s presentations with a variety of activities that do not require participants to prepare in advance. Participants are given the opportunity to speak to the audience, and other exercises are carried out. Some of them are filmed and viewed on the spot, allowing participants to see themselves from the viewer’s perspective, to rapidly improve themselves and refine their speech, posture, and technique.

We offer public speaking and presentation training in two formats: a single or two-day workshop, or a series of shorter seminars that last about 2.5 hours each. As part of the training, participants will prepare and deliver a public speech to an audience. This approach not only deepens the participants’ theoretical knowledge but also provides them with a concentrated individual experience of speaking in front of an audience, interacting with the audience themselves, and then applying the knowledge they have gained here in practice.

We also provide one-to-one consultations to help you prepare for upcoming speeches or presentations. The agency’s experts can advise or prepare the content, slides and other visual assets for a public speech or presentation or rehearse with the speaker. The experience and advice of our consultants will help you fully prepare and confidently deliver your speech.


Balys Narburtas
Balys Narbutas – public speaking trainer, lecturer, head of training and communication consultant at Fabula Rud Pedersen Group. He has been working in the field of public communication since 2002. After working as a journalist and later as a spokesperson for one of the parliamentary factions, Balys joined the agency’s team in 2007, where he became involved in training and consulting activities.

An author and facilitator of many complex educational programs, and an expert in communication and public speaking, he regularly provides training and consultancy to employees of various organizations, corporate executives, and public leaders. Balys is the vice-president of the public speaking and leadership club “First Toastmasters of Lithuania”. He consults on speech content preparation and psychological preparation of orators.

Artūras Pučėta
Artūras Pučėta content editor, lecturer, and public speaking trainer at Fabula Rud Pedersen Group. A journalist who worked as a correspondent at LRT Radio and later as deputy editor of the news portal, Artūras joined the agency in 2016. Here he is mainly responsible for content and masterfully prepares various types of texts for public communication.

He is a former President of the public speaking and leadership club “First Toastmasters of Lithuania”. Artūras advises the agency’s clients on the preparation of public speeches, reports, and presentations, and helps them to fully prepare for the upcoming speeches.

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