„Game of Thrones“ Goes Viral!

Telia Lietuva has launched HBO on its’ smart TV in August of 2018. The start was promising, yet in order to continue increasing the awareness of HBO in Lithuania and attracting more subscribers Telia Lietuva had to find ways to gain more attention among the target audiences.  

Thus, mega-hit fantasy TV show ‘Game of Thrones’ (GoT) was selected as a brand worth to associate with. We knew that after two years hiatus before the final season, last series of GoT will attract attention, we just needed to make it bigger, more visible and clearly related to Telia Lietuva services here in Lithuania.   

We organized the premiere of the first series of 8th season in a cinema theatre by inviting key influencers (along with the media, Telia employees and customers) in such an original and memorable way, that everyone would like to share and talk about it in Facebook and Instagram. For that the answer was ‘ice’ as most of the action of GoT takes place during wintertime.  

Telia Lietuva, 2018