Speed-dates with Volkswagen ID.4

In 2021, Volkswagen launched its first electric SUV, the ID.4, which was destined to become one of the manufacturer’s best-selling models. Unfortunately, the pandemic made it impossible to hold a traditional launch event, but it was essential to get the message out and present the electric car to journalists, so we had to come up with an unorthodox solution. 

So, what did we come up with? Six individual events for automotive journalists and key people in one day. Each of them got the opportunity to see the ID.4 near their home or office, to photograph or film it and to test it briefly, while the traditional event refreshments were replaced by special dinner preparations that participants could make at home.  

After the presentation, as many as six media outlets shared the news and participants created 11 unique posts on their own or their workplace’s social networks. The ID.4 has become the most popular test car in Lithuania.

Moller Baltic, 2021